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Our patients make better dental decisions for themselves.
Why? Because they see more and know more with us.

A picture is worth 1000 words. When we assess your current state of oral health we take pictures with our Intraoral Cameras and share them with you (in fact, many times our patients take one home). We feel that this is the best way for you to understand your current health and how to get to the level you desire. It also allows you to see what we are really accomplishing - that things are actually being done. We also incorporate:

  • Digital X-Rays — For less radiation, higher resolution, and to eliminate chemical disposal
  • GURU — Video education to show you the actual procedures
  • Occlusion Training — To ensure your bite is healthy and comfortable

We pride ourselves on the quality of our entire staff and our philosophy is that your satisfaction comes first. You will see the genuine concern for your well being even on your first visit and we will make you comfortable with both any financial concerns and your actual treatment. Whether it is General Dentistry or Cosmetic Dentistry call us today if you want to make better decisions about your oral health.

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